Easily manage current customers while Halo brings you new ones

Your connection to fleets

Halo Service

Why work with Halo

Every fleet that joins Halo in your area is your new customer

Less marketing 

Locating cars, unlocking, and invoicing is automated

Save time

Paid on time

One detailed invoice and one on-time payment from Halo

What you get with Halo

All your customers and their vehicles all in one place

Easy customer management

Monitor With Halo
Service With Halo

Give your customers a free management tool to order services

Free tools for fleets

Billing made easy

Credit Card processing, billing, and invoicing included

Halo Service

Booked directly into schedule

Appointments grouped across different fleets to optimize routing

Many fleets into one system


Navigation directly to the service appointment


Remotely access vehicle during service appointment

Navigation directly to the service appointment

  • Appointments are books directly into service technicians schedule.
  • Halo navigates to vehicles current location.



Using Halo

No keys needed

  • Remotely unlock vehicles during the appointment period.
  • Halo verifies service provider proximity to the vehicle before unlocking.



No more disputes

  • Photo inspection activates unlock and lock.
  • Photo inspection ensures quality control and spots damage.
  • Automated invoicing saves times.



Your connection to fleets

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